Famiglia Sullivani
Trip To Italy:
July, 2007




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Venice in the northeastern coast of Italy is a city on water. Its roads are canals. To enter the city, most travelers take a water taxi. This is simply a taxi service on a boat. The city of Venice does not have streets. The way to get around the land is by foot. The city is small enough for this to be possible. Canals run throughout the city which are substitutes for streets and have boats running through them. Within these canals are where the gondolas do their service, buses and taxis go, even garbage is collected.

The most popular tourist location is Piazza San Marco, which is near where we are staying. We are only about two blocks from the square. Within this square is the famous brick tower, which, by the way, was rebuilt after being destroyed in the past. Also in this square is St. Mark's church and the Doge's Palace, which is the palace of the king of Venice. This palace has a prison within itself that is no longer in use.


First Location: Rome
Second Location: Venice
Third Location: Stresa
Fourth Location: Santa Margherita
Fifth Location: Florence