Famiglia Sullivani
Trip To Italy:
July, 2007




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Our first loaction is in the heart of Italy, the country's capital, Roma [Rome]. Not only do the most picturesque landmarks lie within this city, but a whole other country exists in the center of of it all, the Vatican. This amazing building is surrounded by a brick wall several stories high, and that acts as the small country's border. The convenient aspect of this contry is that a passport is not necessary to enter.

Such landmarks include the Collosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and, of course, the Vatican. Each of these landmarks are in close proximity to each other although not walking distance apart. The short vehicle ride to each location allows visitors to visit nearly all the landmarks in one day. Whether that is a convenience to some or an inconvenience to others, it is a beneficial quality to have that option.


Spanish Steps

First Location: Rome
Second Location: Venice
Third Location: Stresa
Fourth Location: Santa Margherita
Fifth Location: Florence