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Italy 2007

Trip to Italy

In July of 2007, the family went to Italy and wrote a daily blog of the progress of our trip. Please enjoy going back to this and seeing how our trip went. We toured Rome, Venice, Stresa, Santa Margherita, and Florence. We also visited family in Chiavari, Soglio, and Aramo.

Woodside House Project



Australia 2008

Trip to Australia

The trip has now passed, but the website is still available to view. Enjoy seeing what our trip was like. Enjoy, the daily blog, pictures of the pope, and videos of the performances.


Deconstruction began March 10, 2009 and lasted six weeks.

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House Construction

Updated 3-3-11

Construction began the day after our building permit was received on June 25, 2009. The builder has given a 16 month construction schedule.

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Shop Construction

Updated 5-20-12

Shop construction began April 3, 2012

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Europe 2012

Trip to Europe

This trip begins with a Notre Dame Belmont choral tour in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, and later becomes a Sullivan family vacation in France.

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Previous Summer Vacations

Year Location
1997 Disneyland
1998 Yosemite
1999 None
2000 Hawaii
2001 Disneyland
2002 Gold Country/Oregon
2003 Italy
2004 Boston/NYC/DC
2005 Florida/Disneyworld
2006 Seattle/Canada
2007 Italy
2008 Australia



New York





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